If you have a working internet connection, chances are you have heard of the viral video power-house known as TikTok. So, needless to say, this once small app, is becoming one of the most important social networks in the world, especially for a young and impressionable audience. With that being said, there is no better time to be joining the TikTok bandwagon.

For the last two years, the application has dominated the app stores and has been the most downloaded social network, ahead of Facebook and Instagram, making TikTok another social media giant of the world.

Spain, in particular, joined the TikTok trend and has cultivated its own set of TikTok stars, each with their own unique account and entertaining 15-second videos. Keep reading to find out some of the most followed TikTok accounts in Spain, we’ll break down their following, impact and reasons for their success.

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1) Jordi Koalitic @jordi.koalitic – 13.2 M followers

At number one for our most followed TikTok accounts in Spain is the breathtaking Jordi.Koalitic. The TikTok account is a creative photography project created by brothers Jordi and Arnau Puig. The pair cleverly utilised TikTok to not only gain exposure for their remarkable photography but also show how they make their impressive photographs. They reached their current crown-verified status by demonstrating simple techniques using everyday objects to create unique and captivating photographs.

The short and straight-forward videos illustrate their photo manipulating abilities, showing the making of the photograph and then reveal the fascinating finished piece. The Jordi Koalictic signature style often incorporates abstract lighting and unique perspective on a subject.

To find out more about the ground-breaking photographers who reached a staggering 13.2 million followers in little more than 6 months, look forward to Primetag’s exclusive interview with the phenomenal content creators themselves. 

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