Photographer Jordi Koalitic is the Spanish user who has grown the most in TikTok in 2019, reaching 8.8 million followers in just 5 months.

Spain has completely immersed itself in Tik Tok, the short video platform has triumphed among the youngest and in its first year in Spain leaves a more than favorable balance.

What began as a youth phenomenon is getting closer and closer to all ages. And not only individuals: television channels and programs and football clubs have also chosen in Spain to become an account on this platform with the intention of approaching the young audience and expanding their beliefs.

From Tik Tok Spain they make a clearly positive balance: “From the beginning the reception by Spanish users has been spectacular, we have become the perfect place to identify their creativity,” said his representative in Spain, Noel Nuez.

As for the most successful videos of this year, we must make a special mention to Jordi Koalitic (@jordi.koalitic), the popular creative photographer who has been the fastest growing user in TikTok Spain reaching more than 8,8 million followers in just 5 months with its original 86 videos uploaded. In fact, the three videos generated in Spain with more likes on TikTok this year are from him, and together they add more than 700 million views.

Undoubtedly, a perfect example of how to reach all types of audiences with different, quality content and based on creative content that, after all, is what the TikTok community is looking for.

This video, for example, got more than 7.5 million likes: